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Divine Love Consultations

How do we arrive at the place of self Love, free of the ego and judgments made to others and ourselves? By following the path to your true self, from where you began and getting to know the belief patterns that were placed upon you through the generations. The human race can be complex, as the mind would make us think or can it be as simple as feeling love?   If we don’t feel love for ourselves how do we know how to give or receive?  We cannot give away what we don’t have.

Can you imagine being part of bringing peace to the world? Each of us collectively can do just that by holding positive thoughts for all including ourselves and canceling any of the negative…let me show you how.

What you will need to go forward:
An open heart with a mind that has made the choice to find joy and happiness by way of a journey within…

The package
Four one -hour sessions

How you arrived to where you are today

  • Where or when do you feel you’re happiest?  
  • What are your unique gifts?  
  • Tuning in to your inner wisdom and intuition  
  • Your communication styles  
  • What are your desires and dreams?  

Present and past relationships 

  • Why are you attracted to certain people?  
  • Every relationship has its purpose  
  • How to have a relationship when coming from a place of love?  
  • Communication with your partner  

Patterns of behavior that keep coming around…

  • Why we medicate with food, drugs and alcohol  
  • Forgiveness of yourself and others  
  • Putting up blocks that prevent good things from happening  
  • Perceptions and Intentions  
  • Communicating with your ego mind  
Where and how to begin to love yourself   
  • Living in the Present  
  • Confidence and self esteem levels  
  • Becoming your genuine self  
  • Having abundance is your Divine birthright  
  • Living with peace within  
  • Arriving to the place of power -- your inner Light  

Plus an abundance of tips to bring you to Completing the Circle of Illuminating Love

The consultation consists of four one hour phone sessions for a total of $329.00 due the day of scheduling the first appointment. I will call at the specific time scheduled. No refunds if appointment is canceled.

Consultations are offered nationally

$329.00  for full package


Deborah is available for speaking engagements from small groups at seminars to corporate level meetings. For more info and scheduling contact Deborah @ 508-226-1723 or  empoweredconnections@yahoo.com

"I would like to thank Deborah Beauvais from Empowered Connections for attending the Circle of Hope Survivor Group at Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Center on August 18th. As I sat there and listened to Deborah’s powerful message, I felt a spiritual and healing connection that will remain with me as I continue my work for this cause. I looked at each Survivor’s face and knew why this was such a passion for me. Not only for me, but for each Survivor that was present, Deborah instilled a sense of peace and tranquility which offered us all her guidance to continue to pursue our spiritual paths. I can only encourage everyone if you have not been in Deborah’s presence, it is an experience that will help and guide you to a deeper understanding in your search for Spirituality."

Maria Gemma Corcelli