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  • Do you wish to have inner peace while living in challenging times?  
  • Would you like to truly live in the present moment but don’t know how?  
  • Are you tired of worrying about money and everything else?  
  • Is self-criticism consuming your life yet you don’t know how to stop?  
  • Would you like your relationships to flow with ease so your heart sings?  

We all have a Light within us, it is there from God, though some may not know this Light, it is there nonetheless…and it’s ok if you’re not aware as everyone is exactly where they are suppose to be.  As we evolve on our journey we find the heart of our soul opening to new belief patterns, a quieter ego mind and love for self and others.  With this recognition come challenges in the form of lessons however once one is on the Light path they are better prepared to keep the calm within.

When we choose a path of love, we learn and grow… if we choose a path of fear we stay stuck. When stuck and not releasing we then turn to fear in the form of desperation, isolation, depression, drugs, food, alcohol, anger and hatred. Whatever form of medication we choose it only numbs us and hurts the universe.

Many of us who have forgotten God, come to embrace Him especially when one faces adversity. We know in our heart His love is returned. Yet, we feel challenged to love ourselves unconditionally. Why? Because of beliefs passed down to us, fear of being too good and feeling we don’t deserve love.
Now is time to heal ourselves and the world by choosing a different way…once you connect with your own Divinity, your own Light… you will find inner peace, the weight will drop, judging others will wane, you’ll thirst to help others and the Love radiating from you will send glorious vibrations out to the world. 

If you feel in the deepest part of you something is missing, I know what it is--learn how to arrive to… your Divine Love Within…your Light… Everything in your life will change for the better whether it is relationships, work, families, money or health…all by Completing the Circle of Illuminating Love.

I am honored to help you on your journey…
Healing the planet is our responsibility. Each of us can instill peace by learning how to love ourselves and allow that love to overflow to every human being. Let’s get back to the Source from whence we came…  

Blessings of Love

Deborah Beauvais, Owner of Empowered Connections, The Love By Intuition Show and the Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network